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Throwing in the Towel

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to end my reign of Saturday mornings from 3-6am – effective immediately. Tea Time With Annie has changed my life in so many positive ways, but I’m getting old, and have found it exceedingly difficult to get up on Saturday mornings to do this show.

This decision has been months in the making – this show has been an integral part of my life for over four years, and it’s painful to voluntarily give up the invaluable privilege of sharing music with you amazing people. Thanks so much to all of you who have supported the show/CJSW with your pledges during our funding drives, and those who have called in or commented during my show – your feedback and appreciation means more to me than you will ever know.

Keep an eye on this blog as I will still do showfills here and there. Maybe one day, I will find my way back onto the airwaves, and start posting regularly again <3. 

July 12, 2014 [4th Year Anniversary Edition]

That’s right. It’s been four years since I started the show. Inconceivable. The crazy things we do for what we love ❤

Featured label:

artist name start time
Applescal The Veil
D5 Lab Work 3:00:19 AM
Lorca Have I Told You (Citizen Remix) 3:01:17 AM
D5 Lab Work 3:01:34 AM
D5 Lab Work 3:02:38 AM
Lorca Have I Told You (Citizen Remix) 3:09:51 AM
Nubian Mindz Afrika Man 3:13:46 AM
Vince Watson Ethereal (Excerpt) 3:19:26 AM
Prime Suspect Attraction (Extrawelt Remix) 3:23:37 AM
Octave & Dolby D Room 47 3:25:49 AM
Alberto Pascual & Luigi Madonna 155 3:30:36 AM
Alberto Pascual & Luigi Madonna Globo 3:35:56 AM
KC1 Overclock 3:39:24 AM
Kroman Celik Toxic (Sasha Carassi Remix) 3:41:56 AM
Tex-Rec District 3:46:51 AM
Sawf Unrhythm (Marcel Fengler Remix) 3:50:18 AM
Thomas P Heckmann Sulfur Skies 3:54:49 AM
Spark Taberner Kelder 3:58:27 AM
A-Brothers Robin Hood Was the First Gangsta 4:03:07 AM
Angy Kore Life Is Space (Tom Hades Remix) 4:05:35 AM
Ant Prescott Secret Places 4:08:35 AM
Niereich vs Hackler & Kuch Trans Lunar Injection 4:12:07 AM
Sutter Cane Outer Limits 4:15:43 AM
Mike Vath Cern 4:19:38 AM
Erphun Elementary Particles 4:23:27 AM
Knobs Atavic (Flex Remix) 4:25:57 AM
Virgil Enzinger & Submerge Destroyer of Worlds (Floom Remix) 4:33:18 AM
Tony Dee The King (Original Mix) 4:35:46 AM
DJ Hi-Shock Ageha (Kyle Geiger Remix) 4:40:56 AM
Mas Teeveh Ratio (Tony Montana Remix) 4:47:01 AM
Perc Start Chopping (Tommy Four Seven Remix) 4:48:53 AM
Mick Finesse Meltdown (Pinion Remix) 4:53:24 AM
Dead Sound & Videohead Hear & Now (Jeff Derringer Revision) 4:56:26 AM
Jeff Derringer The Trail Of Your Blood In The Snow (Iori Remix) 4:59:08 AM
Blood & Tears Screwdriver Part 2 5:04:20 AM
Logotech Paranoia 5:07:03 AM
FORWARD STRATEGY GROUP Nihil Novi (Michael Cliffe House Mix by Dom Factory Floor) 5:11:31 AM
Todd Terje Bonysh 5:18:08 AM
Lorca Searching 5:26:12 AM
Drumcell Speak Silence (Francesco Tristano Pianowave Remix) 5:29:38 AM
Sven Weisemann Plectra Sub (Embolium II) 5:37:41 AM
DJ Shadow Changeling 5:45:12 AM
Dalot Ancestors (Dryft Remix) 5:51:49 AM


July 5th, 2014

Back from Europe. Still trying to get the hang of this radio thing. Here’s the tracklist 🙂

july 5 track


May 5, 2014

Thanks so much for listening. There probably will not be a recording for tonight’s show. There are plenty of recordings below though, to stave away your cravings :).

This is my last show for a while – I will be leaving for Europe on Wednesday and coming back on June 18th.

To ease me back into radio show mode, I invited Homesick to be my special guest DJ on June 21st. He’s been on the show before as Lodestar and it was so lovely :). I look forward to talking to you guys then! ❤

Check the FB page for potential updates during my trip —>

artist name start time
Knobs Reality 3:06:43 AM
Jan Nemecek Multiply 3:07:14 AM
Knobs Reality 3:07:55 AM
D. Carbone Berlin Drone 3:15:12 AM
Joseph McGeechan Identity (Gary Beck Remix) 3:17:48 AM
Brian Burger Contact (VX Remix) 3:23:59 AM
Virgil Enzinger & Submerge Black Blade (Sasha Carassi Remix) 3:28:57 AM
Alberto Pascual & Luigi Madonna Somewhere In Berlin 3:33:12 AM
Alberto Pascual & Luigi Madonna Gruv 3:38:58 AM
Space Djz Jovian System 3:41:47 AM
Perc Mandrake (Dustin Zahn’s Sunday Morning Dub) 3:44:40 AM
Octave BlakOut 3:49:30 AM
A-Brothers Punk 3:53:19 AM
The Delta Complete 3:58:07 AM
Hans Bouffmyhre Easy Meat (Original Mix) 4:04:25 AM
BCR Boys Attenuate (Audio Injection Remix) 4:06:36 AM
Perc Submit – Original Mix 4:11:44 AM
Drumcell Speak Silence (Brian Sanhaji Remix) 4:16:14 AM
Undo Parapente 4:20:46 AM
Marek Hemmann Infinity 4:21:37 AM
Lake People Changeover (Original Mix) 4:28:01 AM
Kollektiv Turmstrasse Holunderbaum (Rumpel Mix) 03-05-2014 4:40
He&She Videt (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix) 03-05-2014 4:47
Bobmo Sonic Soul 03-05-2014 4:55
Drumcell Speak Silence (Francesco Tristano Pianowave Remix) 03-05-2014 5:00
Chymera Strange Things Are Afoot (Original Mix) 03-05-2014 5:08
Lapalux Feat. Kerry Leatham Without You 03-05-2014 5:15
Deptford Goth Union 03-05-2014 5:21
Pole Achterbahn (Shackleton Remix – 03-05-2014 5:25
Monolake Static 03-05-2014 5:33
MTD Imprinted 03-05-2014 5:39
Apparat Contradiction 03-05-2014 5:47
Squarepusher Iambic 9 Poetry 03-05-2014 5:51

April 19, 2014

Thanks for listening ❤ I posted a 1 hour mini-mix below that covers the first 6 tracks before I broke the record needle. Part 2 contains the rest of the set :).

Download 3 (1:53:10)

artist name start time
Bobmo Hardbells – Original Mix 3:05:03 AM
Bobmo Northside – Original Mix 3:07:54 AM
Radioactive Man Addict 3:14:40 AM
Tommy Four Seven Armed 3 3:18:32 AM
J.T.C Crush Arbor 3:20:43 AM
Matthew Styles Sample & Hold 3:25:13 AM
Joey Anderson Attitude 3:30:58 AM
Vince Watson Long Way From Home 3:31:47 AM
Masomenos, dOP Hello! (Original Mix) 3:39:15 AM
Kollektiv Turmstrasse Dead Room 3:42:12 AM
Lorca Have I Told You 3:46:00 AM
Lorca Giant Stars 3:50:05 AM
Matthew Styles Codex (Original Mix) 3:53:45 AM
Tom Demac Sky Swatches (Original Mix) 3:57:00 AM
Tony Dee The King (Macromism Fonfo Remix) 4:05:35 AM
Alberto Pascual Doer 4:08:27 AM
Perc Submit – Bumper Tool 4:12:25 AM
Black Asteroid Engine 1 (Brian Sanhaji Unreleased Remix) 4:17:52 AM
Alberto Pascual Modeler 4:22:39 AM
Terence Fixmer Terence Fixmer & Cormac – Lovesick (Monoloc Rmx 0.0.1) 4:30:03 AM
Terence Fixmer Terence Fixmer – Psychik (Part 2) 4:33:54 AM
Tony Dee Break Down (Spektre Remix) 4:39:07 AM
Tony Dee Lose (Original Mix) 4:43:14 AM
Tony Dee Shake Down (Original Mix) 4:47:33 AM
Monoloc & Daniel Wilde It’s Mine (Instrumental Version) 4:51:45 AM
Matthew Styles Scale 4:57:26 AM
Estroe Driven (Distortion Remix 1) 5:02:26 AM
Of Norway Hedone feat. Ane (Original Mix) 5:07:40 AM
Holtoug You Got My Girl (Original Mix) 5:11:53 AM
Noraj Cue Turning Point (Original Mix) 5:17:35 AM
Drumcell Speak Silence (Slumberman Remix) 5:22:34 AM
Joey Anderson Mind Set 5:27:41 AM
Kollektiv Turmstrasse Schwindelig (Wanderlust Rhodes Remix) 5:33:44 AM
Himan I Don’t Want You (Original Mix) 5:40:52 AM
Squarepusher Tetra-Sync 5:46:11 AM

April 11, 2014

Thanks for listening ❤ Will do my best to get a recording up soon!

name start time
Hector Oaks Strobing Morning (Original mix) 3:06:39 AM
Hector Oaks The Life I Choose (Original mix) 3:14:39 AM
M-A-E 333 3:18:21 AM
MTD Nonsense 3:21:52 AM
Mintech Silicium (Skober Remix) 3:24:59 AM
Sutekh Dumpster 3:28:14 AM
Onur Özer Halikarnas 3:35:47 AM
Drumcell Disturbance 3:38:07 AM
Perc My Head Is Slowly Exploding 3:43:30 AM
Drumcell Behind You 3:47:11 AM
Drumcell Forgotten Guilt 3:51:27 AM
Synthek, Audiolouis Lost In The Maze 3:54:59 AM
Sawlin Posay 3:59:34 AM
Centrific U Pod 4:04:24 AM
Ray Kajioka Never Ending (Original Mix) 4:09:16 AM
Voiski From White to Red (Original Mix) 4:15:27 AM
Marco Fimp Audiophrom OSV 4:20:22 AM
Ellen Allien & Thomas Muller Delta Zoo (Thomas Muller Edit) 4:24:21 AM
Chymera These Jagged Shards 4:31:53 AM
M. Mayer Funky Handicap 4:37:07 AM
Stephan Bodzin Treibsand 4:43:17 AM
Audion Fire 4:47:39 AM
Mind Against Argo (Original Mix)—- 4:53:10 AM
Zero Cult Chemicalove 4:57:56 AM
Zomby Natalia’s Song 5:01:41 AM
Petrels On The Dark Great Sea 5:09:33 AM
The Higher Intelligence Agency & Biosphere Snapshot Survey 5:16:02 AM
Sagat Intruder 5:26:12 AM
Sagat Satellite 5:26:50 AM
Oneohtrix Point Never Chrome Country 5:30:25 AM
Poppy Ackroyd Grounds 5:37:02 AM
Jon Hopkins We Disappear 5:40:57 AM

April 4, 2014

Thanks for listening ❤ Working on the MP3

Bookworms 360 Waves 3:03:55 AM
Sven Weisemann Elution 3:06:20 AM
Cosmin TRG Gordian 3:15:39 AM
GRAZE Cathode Bias 3:22:16 AM
GRAZE Dexires 3:25:16 AM
Francys Memories (Marco Resmann Remix) 3:30:12 AM
Lee Jones A Perfect Kick (Matthias Meyer Remix) 3:34:30 AM
Jacques Greene Faithful 3:42:10 AM
Cosmin TRG Vertigo (Tale Of Us & Fargo Remix) 3:44:03 AM
Wincent Kunth Promise (Original Mix) 3:49:07 AM
Hobo Blackwell 3:54:21 AM
Cosmin TRG Defeated Hearts Club 3:58:16 AM
Jonas Kopp You Are Mine (Original Mix) 4:02:19 AM
Benjamin Damage 010X 4:05:53 AM
Floorplan Chord Principle 4:10:49 AM
Toni Rios Marsina 4:15:56 AM
The 69 Project Karma 4:19:26 AM
Wincent Kunth Relove (Edit) (Original Mix) 4:24:14 AM
Sutekh Dumpster 4:27:50 AM
Rising Sun Over and Beyond 4:34:03 AM
Phon.O Sad Happiness 4:35:21 AM
Dark Sky Neon 4:38:06 AM
Phon.O Abbey Road 4:45:47 AM
Upwellings Trust The River 4:49:19 AM
Jamie Jones Harajuku 4:52:33 AM
Aki Latvamäki Tämä Tuli Järvestä 5:00:04 AM
Cosmin TRG New Structures For Loving 5:03:53 AM
Onur Özer Halikarnas 5:11:18 AM
Benjamin Damage Together 5:12:35 AM
Shed Boose-Sweep 5:18:04 AM
Alva Noto uni iso 5:21:15 AM
Alva Noto uni syc 5:31:09 AM
Moderat Rusty Nails (Shackleton Remix) 5:35:44 AM
Moderat A New Error (Headhunter Remix) 5:41:54 AM
Moderat A New Error (Headhunter Remix) 5:45:28 AM
07 – Xerrox Monophaser 2 5:51:57 AM